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Stefan Baumann’s YouTube Video about “Setting Up Your Still Life” offers suggestions for equipment and supplies that will help your Still Life experiences become enjoyable and successful as well as  Plein Air Painting equipment listed under Pochade boxes, Easels, and Tripods.   This page offers links to basic information about still life and plein air painting products, prices and the pages where they can be purchased.  Ebay often offers these items for sale if you don’t mind purchasing used/new items.

The items listed below are recommended with the http:// internet connection attached.  There may be other locations where these items can be purchased, and other makes and models that may be considered.


Buy LTM Pepper Fresnel Light 100 Watt:  for $199.00 plus shipping and tax.

Lighting Technology Management 25520 Avenue Stanford #312Valencia, CA 91355
Ph:  818-780-9828

Buy 4 Leaf Barndoors for Pepper 100W light  to regulate the light direction and strength:  for $63.00 plus shipping and tax.

Buy Compact ESR Light bulb 100 Watt (not included in the Pepper Fresnel Light) for $6.25 plus shipping and tax:

Buy Impact Light stand to securely raise and lower the light:  for $32.95 plus shipping and tax.

Collapsible Black Box:  $49.95 plus Shipping and Handling Charges.   Order the box from Shirley Chapman by email at: Shirley Chapman<>  or call 541.880.4098.

Wood sculpting table with wheels and rotating top for Still Life Setups:  for $289.99 plus shipping and tax.

Metal Floor Sculpture table with wheels and rotating top: for best price of  $129.99 plus shipping and tax.  See link to read more.

With all listed items recommended for “Setting up Your Still Life” may be found at different prices and with different features.  Please explore the internet for other options or to shop prices for better deals.  Have fun!

Hal Reed’s Analogous Color Wheel available for sale on Amazon for $21+ at


Pochade Boxes for plein air painting:





EASyL Umbrellas –

Best brellas:




Strata Sirui:

Mini lights for Plein Air Night Painting:  Optional BBQ Light or headlamp light with dimming capacity is needed for painting in the dark to light your palette or your canvas.  These can be at camping supply stores, REI, etc.

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