Begin the Journey

Create a Workshop or Event In Your Area

Stefan will travel to teach a class in person in your area.

Stefan Baumann travels the world teaching his painting Seminars, classes and workshops to thousands of enthusiastic artists, and now you can request him to teach a painting workshop in your hometown.  Please contact Baumann at or by phone 415-606-9074 to set up a time and place.

His has a fun and easy approach to painting and has great communication skills to make your painting experience inspiring and successful.  Discover the secrets that will improve your paintings forever by learning from Stefan at a location near you.


The Grand View Events

Stefan Baumann presents a free demonstration about the “Power to Create” 

This lively discussion will explore topics that are covered in the “Power to Create,” a course that removes blocks that stop artists from creating powerfully.  Whether you are a writer, painter, or musician, this two-hour conversation will touch, move, and inspire you. Baumann promises that everyone attending will take away something of value from this exciting event.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact Stefan Baumann at 415-606-9074 or email me at

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