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About Create® TV
More often called “ do-it-yourself”, the program genres seen on Create® TV include viewers’ favorite public television series and specials on cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, and other lifestyle interests. . The programs seen on Create TV come from American Public Television, The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Create TV was launched in 2006 to serve viewers’ increasing interest in these “do-it-yourself” programs. Create was designed for round-the-clock* broadcast of the most popular lifestyle and how-to programming seen on public television – where lifestyle programming got its start!

The Grand View Series

Acclaimed landscape painter Stefan Baumann’s art reflects his commitment to ecology and the preservation of the natural environment.

In The Grand View, Baumann hikes deep into the United States’ famous National Parks system to share his passion for nature and art.

In each episode, he applies the realist theory of the old masters in his environmentally inspired paintings. Baumann’s treks encompass every aspect of the park, focusing on the plants, wildlife and the geologic and human history that have impacted the region.

Broadcast TV – Mdfrd-Klamath Flls, ch. 22.3

Show Schedule

Mount Rainier National Park

Episode #203 · A visit to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington includes interviews with Native Americans from the region; and the insights of archaeologist Lee Taylor.

Show Times:

  • Wed. at 3:30 AM
  • Wed. at 9:30 AM

Point Reyes National Seashore

Episode #202 · A visti to Point Reyes National Seashore.

Show Times:

  • Sun. at 3:30 AM

Olympic National Park

Episode #204 · A tour of Olympic National Park in Washington spotlights the area’s beauty; and features insights from Native American elder Edward E. Claplandho and National Park rangers Jon Preston and Michael Gurling. Also: a trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada includes stops at the Bristlecone Pine and the Lehman Cave.

Show Times:

  • Oct. 18 at 3:30 AM

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is explored. Included: insights from park rangers Sarah Hinton and Joe Zarki; and ascending the sandstone formations with climber Eric Foltz.

Show Times:

  • Oct. 21 at 3:30 AM
  • Oct. 21 at 9:30 AM


On any given day, Create treats home-improvement buffs to This Old House and Rough Cut — Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Food fans will feast on America’s Test Kitchen from Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia’s Kitchen, Mexico – One Plate at a Time With Rick Bayless and Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way. Wandering souls will find themselves captivated by Globe Trekker and Rick Steves’ Europe. Budding artists and crafters will appreciate The Best of the Joy of Painting With Bob Ross and Knit & Crochet Now.

In its 10th year, Create annually reaches 44 million viewers nationwide. The channel is produced and distributed by APT, WNET New York and WGBH Boston in association with NETA and PBS. On the Create YouTube channel you’ll find hundreds of videos from Create’s hosts featuring the best in public television’s programs about cooking, travel, home improvement, gardening and arts & crafts.

*The majority of Create channels operate 24 hours daily; some broadcast during a smaller number of hours each day.

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