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Hornbrook Barn, Opus 2

Published on July 14, 2014 under Architectural
Hornbrook Barn, Opus 2

Hornbrook Barn, Opus 2  Original Architectural Landscape Painting by Stefan Baumann

10 x 18 Oil on Panel


Framed in Gold and Wood


Lower Right  – Baumann  Monogram GV  Date: 2012

Artist’s Comments

This amazing old red barn located off the freeway near Hornbrook, California catches my eye every time I drive to Medford, Oregon to teach painting classes.  It is located just north of The Grand View Ranch and Mt. Shasta in a quaint and picturesque farming community where it has become an inspirational location for many of my new paintings that I plan to paint this year. Before I begin a painting, I think about why I am attracted to the subject that I am choosing to paint, what the message or personal observation is that I want to share with the viewer, and what composition will make my message clear and moving to anyone who sees my painting. In this painting of an old red barn, I wanted to capture the change of seasons by contrasting the fallen dead oaks in the background with the fresh green spring grass in the foreground. I find the ever-changing theme of rebirth and renewal in nature fascinating. In my composition of this painting, I positioned the main focal point just to the right of the barn, and then added the fence that darts along the foreground to lead the viewer’s eye to the focal point.


Currently held by the artist



If you wish to acquire this fine original oil painting locally or if you have questions about this painting, please contact the artist at 415-606-9074 or email him at


The price of this original oil painting includes shipping.

This painting will be displayed in Stefan Baumann’s One Man Show titled: “Reverence: An Artist’s Tribute to Nature” at The Orland Art Center in Orland, CA from September 1 through 27, 2014.


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