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Pansies in the Mist

Published on August 14, 2014 under Currently Available Paintings
Pansies in the Mist

Still Life: Pansies in the Mist Original Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann

Oil on Oil Primed Linen Canvas Stretched on Wood Bars



Lower Right – Baumann GV 11


Artist’s Comments

Pansies always make me smile. Their brilliant colors and delicate leaves make them fun to paint. I enjoy studying their colorful faces for hours, especially when the world is gray outside my studio window. So when I was at the nursery last week, I scooped up these colorful posies to paint in my studio.

Painting flowers from life is a very challenging thing to do. No matter how fast you paint, flowers change constantly either by following the sun that is beaming through the studio window or wilting from the heat of the light bulb. To paint beautiful flowers, an artist needs to have an agile hand for accuracy of brush strokes, an educated eye that sees the nuances of color and light, and confidence that the hours of painting day after day will produce a painting that sparkles with life. An artist needs to cultivate the practice of taking time to paint.


Currently held by the artist



If you wish to acquire this fine original oil painting locally or if you have questions about this painting, please contact the artist at 415-606-9074 or email him at


The price of this original oil painting includes shipping.

This painting will be displayed in Stefan Baumann’s One Man Show titled: “Reverence: An Artist’s Tribute to Nature” at The Orland Art Gallery in Orland, CA from September 1 through 27, 2014.


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