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Redwoods National Park: Children Play

Published on August 12, 2014 under Currently Available Paintings
Redwoods National Park: Children Play

Redwoods National Park: In Nature’s Kingdom, Children Play Original Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann

40×30 Oil on Canvas Stretched on Wood Bars


5″ Dark Wood with blue mat with gold wood trim and liner


Lower Left – Baumann  GV  3-1-1

Artist’s Comments

Journal Entry: September 1997

My journey lured me off the beaten path to venture deeper into the forbidden wilderness. My quest becomes impossible as the forest thickens and the vegetation surrounds me. I am its prisoner. It does not allow me to pass. Thousand year old Sequoia trees stand like generals commanding the underbrush to defend what lays beyond. I defy the request and break through. As I try to get a bearing on where I am, I check my compass and notice it is spinning out of control. With my food and water gone, I can go no further. I stumble exhausted, and lay down by a creek to rest. Suddenly, I wake up to the sounds of children playing; yet I know that I’m the only one here.  I pull myself up, climb over a boulder, glance in the direction of the sounds, and notice a sparkling light dancing over a blue waterfall. It seems alive. I bring out my sketchbook and quickly render this scene. Where am I? I still do not know, but this place is different. I have stumbled upon a playground where God’s children frolic among the dancing waters, where light tells the story, and where “In Nature’s Kingdom, Children Play.”


Currently held by the artist



If you wish to acquire this fine original oil painting or if you have questions about this painting, please contact the artist at 415-606-9074 or email him at


The price of this original oil painting includes shipping.

This painting will be displayed in Stefan Baumann’s One Man Show titled: “Reverence: An Artist’s Tribute to Nature” at The Orland Art Center in Orland, CA from September 1 through 27, 2014.


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