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Traveling to Mt. Shasta

Traveling to Mt Shasta by Air or by Car

Participants can easily drive to every painting location.  An Itinerary will be provided after registering for the workshop.  This Itinerary may be updated, and any new information about your scheduled workshop will be given to you on the first day of the workshop.  We often caravan to many of the vistas and locations by car, and maps with detailed directions will be provided.  You can make your own arrangements if you want to drive alone.  Carpooling is encouraged, and if you want us to help place you in a carpool, let us know and we will match you up with other participants with similar personalities and requirements.
The workshop locations are situated near our cars and trucks unless specified.  Some bonus locations have been added, and are scheduled in the early morning or late afternoon so that participants who feel they are not up to a hike aren’t missing the workshop experiences.
There is no mass transit to Mt Shasta; people that are flying in from out of town or state are encouraged to rent a car to travel to Mt Shasta.

If you are flying to California from other states or countries to participate in our workshop, there are two options to choose.  Both Medford, Oregon and Redding, California have airports and take one hour to drive to Shasta.  Or, you can fly into San Francisco, check out a few museums, and drive up to Mt Shasta, and this takes about 5 hours to drive.  Please feel to contact us about what might be the best option for you.

Spouses & Significant Others
For those of you who are coming to the Mt. Shasta Workshop but are not painting, there are many things to do and see in the Shasta area.  Several students in the workshop are bringing partners and friends, and they may go on a hike, go to a spa, or fish together while we paint.  Meals are offered at the Grand View Ranch, and spouses and friends are welcome to attend for a fee of seventy-five dollars that covers the cost of beverages and food.  During the evening critiques, there will be a campfire where guests can relax and exchange scary stories about things that go bump in the night.


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