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The Grand View


A Painter’s Journey in America’s National Parks and Wilderness

Exhibitions and Events

Stefan Baumann’s Exhibitions & Events

Stefan is a wearing a VIP Badge at the Third Annual Plein Air Convention April 7-11 in Monterey, California.  His painting called “From the Shores of Point Lobos” is featured above.  He looks forward to painting en plein air, meeting other accomplished plein air artists, and talking with fans of his PBS series, “The Grand View” who are at the event.  Click HERE to read his posts from the Plein Air Convention this week.

Art Instruction

Art Classes & Workshops

Discover the secrets of painting with American Master painter and PBS artist Stefan Baumann in his weekly classes and plein air workshops. Baumann shares how he captures the essence of light in the landscape and teaches how to paint a plein air painting that has a good composition and effective use of values, color and highlights.  Baumann teaches art classes in Medford, Oregon, Redding and Mt. Shasta, California and in San Jose, California. For information, please call 1-800-511-1337 .

Free e-Book – Get Your Copy!

E-Book: Observations of Art & Nature

Welcome to our website. You can receive this complimentary e-Book written by Stefan Baumann, illustrated with his beautiful sketches and paintings, and packed with art tips, techniques and useful information you need to know about painting outdoors and in the studio. It’s a great companion to Stefan Baumann’s PBS series “The Grand View: America’s National Parks Through the Eyes of an Artist.” To request your copy of this e-Book, click HERE.