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Master’s Class

Master’s Art Class 8-Week Course

Anyone can paint.  All that it takes is desire.”

“Everything You Want to Know About Painting.” 


If you are a beginning or advanced artist and you want to learn to master the art of painting, this intense 8-week series presented by Stefan Baumann, PBS artist and host of The Grand View, will answer all of the questions that you have about the mysteries and secrets of painting.

This 8-week workshop teaches all the keys you need to know to create art powerfully and consistently.  Baumann, who has been a professional artist for over 35 years, will reveal the secrets of painting and share his knowledge of art while inspiring you to paint more skillfully.

What will I learn in the Master’s painting course?

  • Light and Atmosphere
  • What is atmospheric perspective
  • How atmospheric perspective works
  • What is important in landscape painting
  • Create depth in your paintings
  • Learn how and when to see things simply
  • How to paint the glowing sun
  • How to draw accurately and easily
  • How to paint values and colors accurately
  • How to begin your painting in the studio
  • How to begin your painting on location
  • How to paint with passion
  • How to paint the finishing touches
  • How to arrange a strong composition
  • When to use your artistic license
  • Reflective light and its application
  • How to see the true colors of clouds
  • How to mix values and “color families”
  • How to apply creative brushwork
  • How to use photographs
  • Studio painting to finish on-location work
  • Limiting values to intensify the composition
  • Design with planes of depth
  • Working with a limited palette
  • Finding the real horizon line
  • How reflection works and how to paint it
  • Creating vibrancy with warm and cool colors
  • Working with appropriate brushes
  • Setting the stage for highlighting
  • Understanding  how humans see
  • Recreating the way humans see in a painting
  • Working with thumbnail sketches and notans
  • Painting soft mist and clouds
  • Making an area glow with light
  • How light infuses objects
  • Composition possibilities
  • Discovering your style
  • Style, Secrets and Techniques

By taking this course, you will build a foundation of practical painting techniques that will expand your ability to be a confident and successful artist.  One of the most important keys that you will learn is how to see as an artist sees the world.  By observing the relationships between color, value, shapes, and textures, your ability to “paint what you see” will improve dramatically and your paintings will reflect your new level of knowledge and skill.

Stefan Baumann 

The Grand View Ranch
1511 Maple Dr.
Hammond Ranch, CA 96094 

Payment can be made by credit card by calling
The Grand View Ranch at 415-606-9074

For information, contact The Grand View Ranch  1-800-511-1337

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