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Syllabus for Basics Workshop

Plein Air Basics Workshop

This Three Day Plein Air Basics Workshop with Stefan Baumann will impact the way you paint forever!

This is a picture of Stefan Baumann painting with his prochade box on location at Asliomar, CA.

Stefan Baumann Painting

This Basic workshop is for students who have limited or no plein air painting experience, for those want to learn at a slower pace, and for those who have painted en plein air but want to learn the art of painting from Stefan Baumann’s professional expertise and his understanding of principles and techniques of painting outdoors. Even seasoned professional artists may have missed some of the basics and want to learn more at a slower pace. Our focus will include selected Plein Air locations that will ensure success for artists as they learn to see and paint the landscape in front of them This is a must do workshop for the student who truly wants to learn the “ART” of painting outdoors on location. Each day includes specific “how to” segments including learning the start up techniques, preparation of panels, color choices, how and where to set up, creating compositions with notans, chunking in, secrets to capturing effects quickly, and learning the step by step process of oil painting. With personal coaching and assistance, you will see amazing changes in your painting ability in three days, and you will learn techniques and principles of art that will impact the way you paint forever!


Image of artist Stefan Baumann doing a painting demonstrationBaumann workshops provide direct access to your inner creativity. You will leave with a real understanding of how the process of Plein Air painting works along with the awareness of what is possible in your art in and out of the studio, While each program is complete in itself, the Baumann workshop programs are designed so that each one builds on and enriches the others. Redefine what’s possible in your painting and create art of your own design in just three days. In his painting workshops, Stefan will personally coach you as you implement proven strategies and tools he has developed over decades of painting en plein air in a wide variety of locations and environmental conditions. You will achieve the results you want and deserve, faster than you may have ever imagined possible!



Participants say that The Basics Workshop made a profound, lasting difference in the way they create and paint They report major positive results in:

1. The confidence with which they apply paint
2. The level of their personal productivity has increased
3. The experience of painting on location has become more enjoyable
4. The degree to which they enjoy painting in and out of the studio has been martially improved

Stefan Baumann’s workshops are designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your art—in just three days. You’ll experience a new and unique kind of freedom, effectiveness, and power that allows you to be at ease when painting plein air on location.

Basic Workshop Itinerary

Welcome to The Grand View Basics Workshop. This is an outline of what an artist who attends this Workshop can look forward to learning and experiencing during the next three days. There may be additions or changes of locations depending upon the group, the weather conditions, or the availability of the location. Painters can expect to have an “on location tour”. I’m dedicated to making this three day workshop one that will possibly change the way you view the world and create art forever. Whether this is your first time painting outdoors or you have been plein air painting before, you will learn to be a better artist by making thoughtful, informed decisions that will save you time and frustration, and make painting outdoors a wonderful activity you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Highlighted Topics for Discussion:

1. Supplies for Painting Plein Air
2. What is a Limited Palette
3. The Basics of Mixing Color
4. Local Color ~ What, When, Where, and Why?
5. Relationships of Color, Relative Color and Value
6. Isolating Color
7. Harmony, Mixing Grays
8. Basic Compositions using Notan Sketches
9. Simplifying and Chunking In Your Compositions
10. Negative and Positive Shapes
11. Focus: Value, Form, and Substance
12. Transitions
13. Color Temperatures
14. Aerial Perspective
15. The Principles of Plein Air Painting (Recap)


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