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Plein Air Painting at Carmel Mission

Published on April 7, 2014 under All Posts
Plein Air Painting at Carmel Mission

“Carmel Mission in Morning Light”

It’s Monday, I’m in Monterey, California, and I went out before the Plein Air Convention opened to paint the effects of morning light on Carmel Mission.This is one of my favorite structures to paint. This morning was one of those mornings when everything went right, including the lighting. Plein air painting seashore towns along the coast in the morning can be tricky because fog can impair visibility, making the locations impossible to see. As you can see in my painting, the light illuminated the Mission magnificently today.

Many of the top plein air painters attend the Plein Air Convention, and I look forward to connecting with artists that I met last year, hearing about what’s new in art and marketing in the training sessions, and it will be exciting to meet fans of our PBS show “The Grand View.”   I will be sending updates and discuss topics that interest outdoor painters.

BTW, you may want to “save the date” in your calendar for next year’s Fourth Plein Air Convention so that you can attend this exciting, interactive event for plein air painters. For now, enjoy this little sketch that I painted this morning.  It’s my gift to you to start your week with an inspiring painting and an invitation to “Go out and paint.”


Plein air and alla prima artist Stefan Baumann, host of  the PBS painting series “The Grand View, America’s National Park through the eyes of an artist” and author of “Observations Of Art and Nature,” travels in his vintage travel trailer painting America’s western landscape. Baumann paints outdoors with oils and canvas capturing stunning vistas, wildlife, western landscapes, National Parks and still life, thrilling art collectors throughout the world.  He has many international collectors acquiring his paintings as investments. His painting style is called Romantic Realism with Luminism, and the extraordinary way he captures the effect of light is a truly  American style used to paint the Western landscape.  He can be seen plein air painting in Yellowstone, Yosemite and in the Grand Canyon. Baumann’s “how to paint” DVDs filmed on location in the National Parks  are the very best on the market.

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