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Yellowstone National Park Journal Entry

Published on September 21, 2013 under All Posts

Journal Entry, Sept. 21 2013

Our journey takes us east, down to the Snake River County and passed Alvord Lake following the same trail that Peter Skene in the Ogden party of 1828 traveled when he led a team of the Hudson Bay Company trappers through this same country we are traveling through now. The basalt rock towers of black and brown stand like idol temple guards that stand at the entrance of Egypt’s ancient Valley of the Kings, flanking us as we pass along the river. I grabbed my sketchbook and wandered into the rocky hillside to capture the beauty that surrounds us in this high desert eastern Oregon territory.

Upon returning to our vintage Silver Streak travel trailer for a cup of tea, I’m reminded of the people who once traveled through this landscape and what they had to endure when they wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park.




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